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Silvertone Strings

Looking to add a rich, full orchestrated texture to one of your songs or maybe a little spice and flare with a face melting string solo??? Want to take your song to the next level with major label quality but without the major label price tag? 

Silvertone Studios is uniquely equipped to provide world class string arrangements and orchestrations as well as uniquely personalized string recording for your song/album covering a wide range of musical styles from Rock, Folk and Bluegrass to full scale Classical orchestrations and performances. As both in house producers/engineers Alfred Goodrich and Valerie Vuolo have extensive experience and extraordinarily diversified musical education in cello and violin/viola performance (respectively) they are happy to offer these services in conjunction with your booked session time or remote arranging and recording. 

Check out the bios and recording samples and let us know how we can best amplify your music and take it to the next level with Silvertone Strings! 

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