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"The music sounded great coming from the studio speakers. I had a wonderful time recording here." - Grammy Winning Guitarist,  Jason Vieaux

“Alfred — as always, really fun to work with you. You run a great room, and thanks for bringing every single one of your prodigious skill sets into the session (perhaps reaching the pinnacle in the dispensation of the tequila). As they say, you are the (explicative removed).

Composer, Robert Maggio

“Thanks so much for your professionalism, good humor, keen ear, and sheer speed last night, as we barreled through an ambitious score on an overambitious recording schedule.  You run a terrific studio, and the process and product will teach us all so much about this thing we’re making together.”

Emmy Award Winning Playwright, Michael Hollinger 


"The sound I hear from Alfred at Silvertone jumps out at me right away. He seems to have a unique formula for crafting a modern sound that still somehow feels quite organic. It's a very original sound that is as progressive as it is authentic." - Dave Sperandio from Vocal Mastering (The Sing Off, Pitch Perfect and the Pentatonix)

"Alfred: I was thrilled to work with you on my final Notables cd. Your studio is amazing, and you are a miracle-working genius to produce such magnificent results from a group like Haverford Notables and me, the temperamental maestro. We all loved working with you." - Michael Stairs, Organist - The Philadelphia Orchestra

 "Thank you so SO much. Your engineering work was exceedingly skilled and nuanced. Going way beyond mere professionalism to help us create a work of beauty, you were as much a part of the process as Tim and I were.  I appreciate your contribution so much! Looking forward to getting back to recording!" - Famed Cellist and Pedagogue, Cassia Harvey

"This is perhaps the best CD I have bought in years. The engineering is excellent - the sounds seem clear and true to me, and volume is consistent from first track to last. The selection of pieces is very interesting and varied.  And the playing by both piano and cello is of the highest quality. I couldn't be happier with this purchase." - Tom West (Reviewing Cassia's CD)



Take a tour of the studio and listen to samples of our work.

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Alfred Goodrich, Producer/Engineer


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